What is waxing?

A warm wax method of hair removal. Waxing removes hair from the roots using fabric strips. The skin is smoothed afterward with lotion. This is a long-lasting hair removal treatment, regrowth after waxing will be within four to six weeks. With regular waxing hair growth can become finer and regrowth is slower.

Preparation Guide for best results for hair removal when waxing;

  • Let hair grow, allow hair to grow 1/4inch. If you’ve been shaving leave for at least 2 weeks.
  • Exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells and lifting trapped hairs
  • No lotions, moisturisers or products on day of waxing.
  • Avoid sunbathing/beds, saunas and steam rooms 12hr prior to waxing.


  • Sooth and cool skin with a aloe or lavender lotion.
  • Avoid swimming for 24hrs after treatment.
  • No sunbathing/beds, sauna and steam rooms 24hr after wax.
  • Avoid hot treatments and baths 24hrs after waxing.






Half Leg £18 £22 30 min
Three Quarter Leg £22 £26 30 min
Full Leg £26 £30 45 min
Bikini £14 £16 15 min
Brazilian £28 £30 30 min
Hollywood £30 £35 30 min
Underarm £12 £14 15 min
Forearm £18 £22 15 min
Back Wax £25 £30 15 min
Chest £25 £30 15 min
Lip/Chin £8 £10 15 min
Eyebrow Shape £10 £12 15 min
  • Leg waxing

  • Back Wax


It is advised to avoid the following 24 hours after waxing: Hot baths or showers, perfume products, swimming and hot treatments

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